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Jamie Grace with my LeleAngel on Our First Girls Night Out

You ever met someone who seems like they are giving you a glimpse into the future for someone you know or knew as a child, good or bad? 
I met who my daughter could be if guided and sowed into tonight. Not her fame, her love for Christ and boldness to share her gifts. 
My Leleangel bangs on tables, canisters, and the deep freezer “playing drums”. Awesome God is one of her favorite songs —save God Girl, Hold Me and a few other Jamie Grace ditties. 
With intense concentration sprinkled with smiles, LeleAngel watched Jamie Grace strum her guitar, jitter about and share her testimony. 
Here is a rare peek into my life with my LeleAngel!
My daughter’s an artsy, outspoken, creative child who mimics television characters perfectly and prays for me when I have boo boos. Tonight our time together showed me two things. 
She is worth all the sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears to date and to come. 
I not only love but I like my kid. She is beyond priceless. 
She may not grace stages and sing before crowds, God may have another path for her to take but God showed me tonight how important it is I spend quality purposed time with her and support her gifts, interests and dreams. 
Seventeen years from now it could be her on a stage where her God given gifts have made room for her, singing or getting a degree. No matter where she ends up, even when she gets on my nerves and I bother her, I’m thankful God picked me to go along for the ride.