I prayed a long time ago when I gave my life back to Christ that He never allow me to lose my awe of Him. It was quite a daunting task and embarrassing thought at the time but I heard myself crying out in earnest about it nonetheless. A hush fell over my spirit (which for those who know me is  HUGE 🙂 the peaceful sweet Holy Spirit settled it in my soul, I did not need to worry about ever NOT being in awe of my Lord. Nine years later and I’m humbled by how God works. Amazed He is still providing the answer to this request even in revealing myself, to me.

These last few years have been the most uncomfortable yet peaceful years of my adult life to date. God has revealed so much and shown me I know so little it is amazing. Just last month He showed me a greater vision of my purpose, and helped me see how the little dots I draw each day connect into a beautiful picture. Everything I do is in A.W.E. of God.

Each word I release raises Awareness, the charitable foundation being rebirthed is all about Wellness and every skill, talent, or ministry gift I share leads to Empowerment. Awareness, Wellness, Empowerment. I’m in A.W.E. of God, what keeps me humble is that He is faithful and in love with me.

What are you in __________of God?