CNET turned the spotlight on indie authors in a way that made me smile despite being hurt because a fellow author said it made them want to cry. In years past this would have left me upset for days. My mind would be riddled with questions of why? Apparently I’ve grown because I had none of my past reactions. It’s easy to recognize how new technology if untapped could be seen as a threat to traditional authors and publishers who benefit from the elite and exclusive atmosphere of the publishing industry before the invent of POD and ebooks.
While speaking as a panelist on the future of publishing at the 10 Year Anniversary RAWSISTAZ  Affair we talked about the potential impact of ebooks. Several of the attendees who owned first and second generation kindles said they would give unknown authors a chance if they lowered their price point. I lowered my prices that evening! Over the course of several weeks and now months something amazing happened. People started reading my books. 

My love for reading and writing is something I learned existed right after walking. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to (because believe me I’ve tried). Once I accepted this I prayed, fasted and sought God to show me a way to share my words not only with those my short arms could reach but all the people He wanted me to reach, with the resources I have now. When the newest evolutions in ebooks happened I realized the digital revolution that liberated independent artists in music and movies had finally arrived in the publishing world.

The interesting thing is my desire initially was to give free copies of my books. For some reason only the corporate execs at BN and Amazon know this is an option unavailable for direct content publishers.  Now in addition to my books being read (which to me as an author is most important) I’m also receiving a small financial benefit from it. There are those independent and traditional authors who say they work too hard to sell their books for so little. When you have thousands of readers enthralled with your characters and anticipating your next work this may be an attitude you can choose to take. I on the other hand work too hard to create stories to let something like money keep me from connecting with the truly important people in the literary community, readers.