Where oh where has Shawneda been? I’m glad you asked! For the last two weeks the battle of the squirrels intensified as they chose to dance in the wall above my husband and I’s head each night between 3AM and 4AM waking up my daughter and cancelling my attempt to achieve at least 6 hours sleep. As we pack up to move on to a squirrel party free inhabitable dwelling I’m excited about the chance to complete my round 2 of Body Gospel.

Being committed to the workout doesn’t mean you don’t have interruptions in life. It means you don’t allow the interruptions to stop you from finishing what you begin. My Dad gave me great words of wisdom I have found to be truth. Nothing beats a failure but a try. Don’t give up on your goals or accept defeat. Delay is not denial. Get back into the fire fight and keep pressing play. You WILL BEAT FAILURE WITH EACH TRY!!!