Simple but true. This year is the year I admitted to myself, close friends, family, and now you. 
Finally, I said it. 
For some people that is small but it is HUGE for me. 
Growing up in God over the last twelve months
 I believe this is the greatest lesson I learned. 
It’s okay to say…
Most of you may know this. 
Pardon me for being tardy to the party. 
I’ve only failed when I relied on myself…and “God alone”
 (cue the pentecostal reflective moment music)
I didn’t realize I’d not forgotten how to ask for help…I never learned. 
 I’m so glad, God showed me it is okay to need help. 
In His love, grace and mercy He even taught me how to ask for help.
Not how to be needy, a victim, or irresponsible … what I thought needing help meant
I said wow, God…
2012 has shown me how to admit and be okay
 knowing in every important area of my life,
 I need help. 
Sometimes the help comes in the form of another person. 
Sometimes the help comes in the form of information found through
Twitter Links
Books (you knew it was coming)
Classes (I’m going back to school, YAY!)
Professional Memberships
Sometimes the help comes directly from God.
This confession helped me learn all of the lessons of 2012. 
This confession frees me from the box “church people” construct for me. 
This confession drives me to do better. 
This confession builds my faith. 
This confession shows me the way out of dark moments. 
This confession calls in divine reinforcements, the Helper aka Holy Spirit. 
This confession allows God to use my imperfections and receive glory. 
And there is nothing wrong with acknowledging I need it. 
I’m not going to fulfill my purpose in life without it.

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