November actually 2011 flew right by me, but not without my making the most of about eighty percent of each minute I was awake. (Hey, no one is perfect!)

Hope you’re taking time to start focusing on the many, many reasons you should be thankful this year. I’m gonna share a few but I’d rather hear from you.

  1. Thank God for life. Breath. You know the stuff that keeps you ALIVE. My life may not be the stuff other people’s fairy tales are made of, but it’s mine and I’m thankful for it.
  2. Thank God for love. Not the tomfoolery they pass off as love on television. I’m talking about the deliberate decision to consider how your decisions, actions, words and use of time impact others. 
  3. I couldn’t live without the Holy Ghost. He is better than the force (Star Wars), more powerful than an atomic bomb (and less toxic), more refreshing than York peppermint patty and greater than the highest quotient.
  4. Family has taught me to that people and the time you spend with them is precious.
  5. Friends are priceless because everyone pretends to be one but what it really is few understand. 
A throwback to my C.O.G.I.C. days. Have a great Monday!