I love that I know the bible well enough not to allow other people to define my success anymore. It took a few years and I was almost there once then I took the faith plunge to pursue God’s purpose for my life (which is my definition of success *spoiler alert*) and met people who wanted to define it for me. After being reminded why living on purpose is my motivation and my “success” I found the freedom to live by faith I breathe and walk in each day. No, I’m not kidding. I decided in 2008 that no one but God would ever again define anything about me.

When we lived in a four bedroom house with two bathrooms and plans to expand into a third full bathroom and build out our unfinished basement, I was miserable. Instead of being happy when people congratulated us on getting the house I smiled on the outside and cringed in my heart. I hated being in debt, the mortgage, the strain on my marriage because I did not see the need to keep trying to attain what others had or said they wanted. Imagine my relief when we gave the house back and were broken down to the bare basics. I talk about it here in this blogpost. While I absolutely do NOT agree with evolution theory or anything that denies Jesus Christ, I do believe that the science proves what the bible says. Feel free to post comments about me it won’t matter, me and the Lord are good so your opinion will not change a thing.

I say all of that to say this. It was amazing to see how the truth of being who God created you to be is the definition of success transcends religious rhetoric and species. Every day through prayer and communication with God I embrace my life and ask God to give me the courage to love me for who I am today. Does it mean that I stop trying to improve myself…no. I’m just not learning how to eat right, make exercise a part of my life and giving back to others for any reason other than it being an expression of my love for God, myself and those who love me.

Happiness is cool but I don’t pursue it because it is fleeting. If I have it I enjoy the time I have it and if not I’m still cool because in the space it visits in my heart and soul joy permanently resides. After a childhood of neglect, abuse and hope I found by the ripe age of 21 success when I fully embraced a life ruled by love aka God. Accepting it, embracing it, studying it and giving it that is my purpose and every time each day that I do I am successful.

What is your definition of success?