Over the last two days God blessed me with an opportunity to be compensated and give back at the same time. I met several amazing members of a local Atlanta church and three other volunteers who were as interesting and quirky as myself 😉 . I discovered on the second morning one of the other volunteers also happened to be a Lutheran pastor. We shared an interesting discussion about faith, theology and the discussion somehow led to talking about denominaions.

I shared an unpleasant event when a pastor of one denomination was dogging another denomination from the pulpit. I had at the age of ten just finished my first completion of reading the bible from cover to cover. In all of my ten year old wisdom I referenced the scripture in Revelation where God said we should not be divided by denomination. In our discussion with my ShawnedaLike passion I informed him I looked forward to the day when all denominations would cease to exist and we would be a more powerful, unified Body. His response to my chagrin ( though I can’t say I was surprised) was that he believed that day would come but at the cost of his “spiritual heritage”.

My heart was a bit saddened. I wondered since then as I do now if it saddens God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit when we quabble and bicker as believers in Christ about “theological issues”.  I wonder what is more important to God, that we as His children, believers and body are united as one or preserve our spiritual heritage. What do you think?