Your eating regimen dictates your weight and exercise dictates your shape. Being able to change your eating habits for some is all about taste and enjoying food. With my weight loss and lifestyle reboot happening during a financially challenging time I know how interesting it is trying to eat healthy and inside the parameters of a budget. What I have done over the last thirty days is notice that despite the “recession” what I call the financial reset I still pull into fast food restaurants too much and continue to enjoy the occasional smoothies or coffee house drink. So now I’m committed to finding a way to convert those dollars into a budget to begin implementing more fresh fruits and veggies into my families eating regimen. It is important for me to be able to get to the next level in my fitness to get all of the vegtable servings and dietary needs met I can for the least amount of money. I’m already working out and have with God’s help have stopped emotional eating, now I just need to maintain my progress and eat healthier.