There was a baby cub chasing a seasoned cougar. A relationship hanging on with love and spit. Jealousy, anger, envy and a reason to spill all the beans someones been cooking for way too long. No over the top religious characters who dress like peacocks although there were some reminders and inferences to the uncle everyone can relate to in the characters played by Pooch Hall and D~Ray at the bachelor party. All in all it was a cute movie with what Hollywood normally applauds as tastefully done Christian themes (no one said Jesus once). There is a little “praying on something” and accidental abstinence due to someone giving their cookies to all the boys on the yard yet no one wanting to buy the cow to have unlimited homemade milkshakes and a lot of sexual teasing and tension due to the 6 month abstinence of the bride and the infatuation with her by the groom. Overall it was a nice movie made even more enjoyable because I watched it using the LivingSocialDeal I purchased for two adults to see a movie for $9. We were in a small cramped little theater so I would be up to seeing it again because I was less than three rows away from the screen. If I do that it would definitely be a matinee or weekday morning show cause, an epic tale of historic proportions it was not. If you like wedding movies and enjoy a good laugh and a teeny weeny quick cry, you’ll enjoy Jumping the Broom.