Playing checkers with my mini me
Putting up this blogpost still glowing.
Glowing in my soul from last night. 
This is The Artis Collective owned by the happy guy in the middle.
A group of amazing talented creatives they offered
their talent as a labor of LOVE. 
None of them had ever done voice over work 
but sacrificed time, weekends and free time. 
Without knowing they’d be paid… 
What I paid them cannot express my thanks.
Cover for the My True Essence Audiobook 
Each of them brought something amazing to this project.
Without them my audiobook would not have been brought to life. 

Nothing I do could be done without the ultimate labor of love. 
Christ came to Earth and offered himself 
to and for every person to receive salvation. 
He endured three years of unpaid labor, 
proselytizing, healing and delivering people. 
Then after making miracles happen 
volunteered to be punished and tortured 
before climbing up on a cross to die for sins 
He didn’t commit. 
As you enjoy a day off or of time and a half or double time
Take a moment to remember the man
who executed the ultimate labor of love. 

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