This was the loudest message from God to me in 2013. 
His still small voice spoke to my heart through everything last year…
Every decision
Every heartache
Every triumph
Every challenge 
Every opportunity
Every tear
Every scream
Every pain
Every smile
Every pound loss
Every muscle gained
Every gift
Every blessing
Every loss…everything.
I searched for his purpose in all of my experiences in 2013.
The more I sought Him, the more I found Him. 
He led me to what I needed most. 
A better, more mature version of me. 
An ability to live what He’d taught me in His word about me. 
He showed me how to be brave despite being imperfect. 
He showed me how to love others…
 without it being detrimental to how I loved myself. 
I’ve known my worth a long time, but in 2013 I learned how to LIVE it. 
Even in my darkest moments I’ve had joy. 
This last chapter in my life I learned something valuable
God taught me how to look past circumstances and choose to be “Happy.”

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