I haven’t been to the circus in years but was thoroughly entertained by the middle of the road I don’t want to piss off my right wing conservative base but would still like to be considered “important” enough to be called upon by the White House answers given by Franklin Graham. To be honest he gave answers that sounded, well, like a politician trying to please his constituents. I’m sure he won’t care but I lost a great amount of respect for him because he was not bold enough to be honest and gave middle of the road answers in what I discerned to be an attempt not to upset anyone but with a clear lean toward the conservative right.

I’d never heard of Tim Keller but found his answers, posture and spirit refreshing (especially after watching Franklin Graham). His sincere desire for the Body of Christ to return to a place of leading in love in our everyday lives blessed me. He spoke about the cancer of consumerism and the danger of idolizing work, things and status. Yep, he gave an open honest unpolitical authentic interview.

The panel comprised of Rev. Al Sharpton, Steve and Cokie Roberts, Richard Land, Eboo Patel and Christiane Amanpour made for a great discussion and offered a new person for me to admire. I found a great admiration for Steve Roberts a Jewish man married to a Catholic wife with a beautiful spirit. Richard Land represented the far right wing to perfection with his don’t tax the wealthy rhetoric *sigh* I will continue to pray for those who profess love but conduct themselves in such unloving ways. I do respect Richard Land more than Franklin Graham for calling the far right on the carpet about continuing to question Obama’s faith and citizenship. Eboo Patel was polite and inclusive. Al Sharpton was well Al Sharpton.

The name of this show was Religion Renaissance. I don’t know that I agree with or believe that to be true based on what they defined a Religion Renaissance to be, but I did find it interesting. Christiane Amanpour facilitated the debate and interviews with grace. From speaking about money and morality to religious tolerance it was interesting. I also enjoyed learning about Vy Higginsen who founded Mama Foundation which directs the Gospel for Teens Choir.