I’m not sad to see 2015 go.
I’m not hyped for 2016 to arrive.
I’m ending this year and beginning next year
in total peace, contentment and  greater dedication to
my relationship with God and fulfilling His purpose 
and His purpose alone for my life.  
I know more TODAY than I’ve ever known
 in a way that can NEVER be 
Denied or
 Taken away
Based on every 
Personal, and 
Financial experience…
I  know not only does God love me
I know a greater depth of how much He loves me.
He revealed the lengths to which He’ll go to protect me.
He exposed the countless ways He’ll provide for me.
He gave me innumerable reasons to trust Him 
wholly, completely in ways I couldn’t fathom.
He showed me once and for all who I am
the way He… the GOD of all existence sees me. 
A very humbling, endearing and in many ways 
indescribable experience… He showed me…
This year made me
More Confident
MORE God Reliant
My year has been chock full of unexpected blessings and triumphs
blended to perfection with amazing challenges and trials.
An old enemy continued a lifelong attempt to crush my destiny and purpose.
And FAILED miserably while helping my prayer life catapult at least fifty dimensions.
 God showed and developed within me 
a greater capacity to forgive, love and see beyond 
the way the enemy tries to use people.
This same amazing God showed me the enemy’s attempts were
VANQUISHED because God loves me so much.
When I was too blinded, weak, and in pain to pray alone 
HE  showed me how He has surrounded me with people who love me 
in and through my WORST and best moments. 
They prayed me in, out and through so much
I won’t give you all the details here but
you know you’ll see some of them in what else
This year God solidified in a way that can 
and will never be denied…
EVERYTHING works to my good 
because I love the Lord and answered His call
to live a life based on his design and purpose for 
creating me. (Romans 8:28)
So to those people and they know who
they are I have to say a big fat humongous
 For listening to the leading of 
the Holy Spirit and laboring in love 
with and for me. 
Now even more than before or you may ever know
 you have my unending love and you 
know my loyalty knows NO BOUNDS. 
Anywho… can’t thank God enough for 
you and your presence in my life. 
I love you so much…

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