When I saw this symbol I knew the verdict of the Supreme Court ruling. 
Many of my brothers and sisters in Christ took to social media… 
People who profess to desire reaching those who have
yet to experience God’s love posted 
more unfortunate posts. 
No where in the Bible does it say for 
believers to argue, fight or bully the masses
into living by the BIBLE….
Those who profess Christ as Savior and Lord
are instructed to
rely on the Holy Spirit strive to live out God’s word.
So what is my opinion of gay marriage
That is none of your business
This is a verdict not a BIBLICAL argument
 it is a legal and political argument.
The bible calls for prayer for leaders on every level. 
I make my voice heard by voting EVERY election
Not trying to beat people into agreeing with  
the book that governs how I’ve chosen to live my life.
The LAW is here to protect everyone’s rights.
The Supreme Court is not the arm of the Body of Christ
It is the legal arm of the GOVERNMENT
Run by ALL of the people…
Not just the Body of Christ…
I saw this quote on a IG today and it has to be one of the MOST
INNANE things I’ve read all year…
Judge me for what I’m about to say next… I DON’T CARE
Any one with any knowledge of the purpose of the Supreme Court
knows it’s purpose is not to place Jesus Christ back in the grave.
Did a memo go out saying this topped the SCOTUS agenda?
In all of my US History, Business Law, and every other 
remotely related studies NEVER did I read where the 
purpose or intent of the Supreme Court is to place JESUS back in the grave.
NO ONE can do this.
After reading the bible countless times in a plethora of ways…
I don’t understand how this quote happened.
I read about an all powerful, all encompassing, all knowing
GOD who sent His Son to die on the cross. 
No where does the Bible say that the laws of the LAND in any country
could negate the spiritual works done on the cross.
God is more than capable of being God
He’s been doing it for ETERNITY.
This quote … to me… makes no sense. 
I’m unable to comprehend the plausibility of this being useful 
in winning souls to Christ. 
That is something it is CRYSTAL clear believers are supposed to do.
Everyone is to go and make disciples… 
If I show this quote to someone
who doesn’t know Christ and is attracted to people of the same gender
Pretty sure this won’t have an endearing effect. 
Maybe I am naive but last I read
LOVE conquers all
NO other thing in the bible is given the omnipotence of LOVE
The Bible say GOD is love
Love COVERS a multitude of sin
Not condone, not ignore, COVERS.
Not just gluttony
Have you looked in a church now a days
OBESITY is running rampant… 
Where is the legal push to promote healthy living?
Not just gossip
Cause every prayer meeting is not gathered in love
Not just murder
David, Moses, Paul…. all murderers all BIBLICAL STALWARTS
The word of God says my energy is best expended loving people.
Far more effective than trying to judge them
Especially when my righteousness comes only because
God forgives me for my sins throughout the day.
I found this pic of Dave Chappelle quoting Pastor Rick Warren. 
I posted this on my IG.
It speaks for itself. 
My opinion is really not anyone’s business
My actions and how I treat people is what I will stand in judgment for
in front of the God I’ve chosen to serve. 
God, the only being with the authority to send me to heaven or hell.
 I’m an intercessor. 
I choose to stay on my post. 
My greatest weapon is LOVE.
Rather than be fully distracted by the countless things
encountered in the media.
While relying on the Holy Spirit daily, hourly sometimes minute to minute
I choose to be aware of God’s direct instruction to LOVE!
They will know us by our love. 
I was won by love. 
Read the posts before this one or comment to ask me 
How many different people it took for me to BELIEVE
God loved me the way the Bible says
I’ll help you out
My upcoming novel 
Open My Heart 
Has a lesbian minister.
Stacey, wrestles with the desire to live holy
and her lifelong attraction to women.
SPOILER alert… I don’t pick a side
Nor do I condemn or condone anything
I paint a picture of the inner turmoil and struggle 
her honesty costs her daily. 
I’ve researched where people believe 
the bible was changed by King James.
I’m not here to debate that.
I’ve read the discourses, dissertations, blogs and more 
white paper and pdfs than I ever imagined existed for ALL
sides of the argument.
My bottomline…
People sin against God and/or themselves.
So another person’s sin is not my business to define, uncover or judge.
There is a scripture about not judging… but I digress.
These are clear instructions for followers of Christ
And I rely on the Holy Spirit to do these daily. 
Some days are better than other 
Despite all my efforts 
Distractions come
I fail
God being God
He never gives up on me
As long as He doesn’t 
I’ll continue to serve Him.
This court matter and countless other causes may be God’s 
purpose for some…. maybe not…
but if every person who confessed Christ
 Places all energy on
trying to make people who have not
confessed Christ 
live by the rules written for those who have…
How will we have energy to love everyone?
How will we have energy to pray?
How will we have energy to disciple?
In all fairness I also don’t believe it is the “rights” of the LGBTQ community
to try to “make” people respect them.
No one can MAKE anyone else “feel” or “think” a particular way. 
Let me reiterate THIS!
The same way I don’t believe it is “right”
To force my beliefs on others
I don’t believe other people should try to make me agree with them
Especially if they don’t know what I believe…
Even if they choose to try… doesn’t mean I have to agree.
I’ll stand before God for how I treat people
How I respond to how I’ve been treated. 
My opinion isn’t important here either.
God isn’t concerned about my opinion.
He is concerned about how I LOVE all 
of the people on Earth.
I choose to watch and pray. 
On a day to day basis I strive to 
be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit
to pray for people I know, people I don’t know
and however else the HOLY SPIRIT leads me. 
Debating the Biblical stance on homosexuality
is not my thing. 
Watching, praying, loving, discipling and 
relying on God to touch people through me 
despite my imperfections…
those instructions are clear to me. 

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