36 was super amazing for me
God showed me who I really am
Which made me love Him even more
Although I could never love Him more than He loves me
Which makes me ask Him to help me love Him more
God showed me I don’t like being mean to people
Like I don’t enjoy it
God showed me I’m not vengeful
I’ve made forgiveness a lifestyle
Even when a person hurts me beyond comprehension
The Holy Spirit draws me close and helps me forgive
and PRAY for the person and anyone connected to them 
who participated in the pain
and forgive myself too…
 I used to consider my big soft heart a weakness
My faith was a gift that I appreciated
My hope an asset God used to keep me positive
Now my heart is a weapon
A weapon?
Yes, because love is greater than faith and hope 
(1 Corinthians 13… read yo Bible babee!)
I no longer consider my soft heart a liability
No matter how many times people hurt or lie to me
My big soft heart means I’m still alive
The pain magnifies the pleasure of life
The tears give me greater appreciation for the hugs
People who cross my path and hurt me intentionally or not
needed an intercessor 
So I respond to the need
Because God knows in the past, present and again in the future
When I’m hurting I’ll need one too
God’s love never fails to help me 
Help me be the best person I can be
and the best person I can be
is unapologetically