PowHer Besties

Cover photo for PowHer Besties

SIMS 4 gameplay has given me a new opportunity to connect with readers using video. Creating GIG PowHer characters in the SIMS4 has added a fun element to developing characters. Gameplay and Let’s Play challenges is part of the SIMS 4 lore. None of the challenges really fit my style so, I created this one. The PowHered Up challenge. These rules will guide the game play for the PowHer Besties series over on YouTube. 

PowHer Besties PowHered Up Challenge Rules:

Rule 1:

Achieve career aspirations if their career is in the game. If their career is not in the game max out all of their trait based aspirations.

Rule 2:

Must do at least one activity that increases fitness.

Rule 3:

Must take at least one girls’ trip with her bestie(s) every season.


Rule 4:

Unless she’s at work if her bestie(s) calls to inviter her out before 7 PM she has to go.

Rule 5:

If she’s married she has to go on at least two dates every season.

Rule 6:

If she has children, she has to go on at least one outing with each child. 

Rule 7:

A family outing in addition to the one-on-one fun with each child if married with more than one child. 

Rule 8:

Single ladies with or without children can only go on one date per season until they achieve one aspiration. No commitments until they achieve their aspiration.