fitbit Wireless Trainer

Been researching and watching this little lovely for about 12 months now. Those who care to know me are aware I research, wait and pounce when the time is right when it comes to technology. I like this gadget for all the reasons I normally love a piece of equipment that will help me live on purpose. It is affordable. At $99 it is the most affordable device of it’s type and there is no required monthly fee to utilize the tracking website that alone can save you anywhere from $40 to $150 a year depending on which of it’s competitors you use. I don’t have to wear it as a band on my arm. Nothing wrong with equipment that is created for this, I just don’t want to do it. It will monitor my sleep habits and give me better real time feedback to know how much exercise is enough or too much. I love that I can use the website without a required membership subscription. So, definitely gonna pick one up as soon as my budget allows. Ahhh. I love it when a plan comes together. For those wondering about competitors for the FitBit for some they are considered to be the BodyBugg and BodyMedia. There cost without a display starts at $179.95 and does require membership subscription. If this is a lifestyle those are deal breakers. If one does desire to do a membership which is optional with FitBit it is only $50 a year versus $40 for 3 months with one of the other options.

I write better when I exercise and I want to make sure I’m maximizing what I’m doing when I do. Right now my lifestyle adaptation feels incomplete because I love data and none of the apps on my beloved EVO even come close to providing what I need. The other reason I picked the FitBit is because of reviews for the apps for the other trackers. I’d rather use a mobile site than a nonsyncing sucky gadget. I’m a budget minded lifestyle adapter. So excited when I finally get one I think I’ll do a month with it on 30 Days with Shawneda. My writing flows better and I am more creative when I workout consistently, the chest cold monkey wrenched my flow. I’ll get back into it but I need more than a workout schedule and “eating plan” to lose weight. I need data, feedback and direction and for my budget based on reviews from other uses, FitBit can do it.

There are mixed reviews so if I regarding purchasing I’m leaning toward somewhere I can get a refund in person without a hassle and can get a replacement plan. Just a thought.