Ain’t no Feeling like being free. When your minds made up
Your heart’s in the right place…yeah

Ain’t no feeling like being free. When you’ve done all you could
You were misunderstood but it’s all good. 

Ain’t no feeling like being free. 
Diamond butterfly free, God always looking out for me

Ain’t no feeling like being free
When your mind’s made up
Your hearts in the right place …yeah

This year’s lesson about freedom was so simple. As a worshiper who loved singing to God as much as I enjoy writing and dancing before Him. The place I find the best worship songs is the R&B charts. 
Destiny’s Child, Beyonce and Ashanti have provided bases of some of my favorite worship
 songs  to sing to God.  Expressing my love and spending personal time with God has been my highest priority in 2012. Not allowing the distractions of this years trials and tribulations to keep me from making Him first has been pivotal in staying free. 
Liberty is one of the chapters in my first Diamond Butterfly devotional. I’d achieved it but allowed the oppressive misinterpretations of the bible and other people’s definitions of who I’m supposed to be to crowd me. It took me seven long years and hundreds of gained and shed pounds for me to get to back to this place.
Ring the Alarm…I was gone too long and I’ll be ….
Let’s just say I’m gonna fight for the right to be free to be me. 
Don’t let other people dictate and define what your free is supposed to be based on their relationship with Christ. The Holy Spirit gives leading, guidance and where it is there is liberty. Are you free? 
If you’re not free, what are you doing to find freedom in by December 31, 2012 or sometime in 2013?
This song expresses it pretty well. 
Don’t you just LOVE girl power songs? I do!

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