Over the years people have tried projecting who 
they wanted me to be onto me. 
From Full-time pastor to customer service supervisor. 
They saw parts of me and focused on how that part
could benefit them if I internalized THEIR dreams for me. 
Some people I’ve allowed to get close enough to me 
to hear me crack jokes, receive my almost undying loyalty,
and give my unconditional love have made comments 
about how I can be the next…
Insert a famous author or really smart person name here.
While I believe they intended those statements to be flattering. 
My only desire was and is to be “Shawneda.”
Highly introverted, analytical, creative, geeky, word addicted,
music-loving, bible studying,
eternally imperfect while wildly in love with a perfect God,
intellectual, open-minded, and respectful of other’s…
God didn’t send me to Earth or die on the cross
for me to be any kind of copy of another person.
The bible says to reflect Christ’s image 
not be Jesus…
the only person worth trying to “be” IMHO.

We all need motivation to move forward, 
courage to dream, ambition to achieve goals… 
gonna take some bold inspiration! 
Shawneda – Bold Inspiration 
is here to inspire readers one word at a time. 
Download it today in the Android and Amazon AppStore. 
Coming soon to   and iTunes.

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