In case you weren’t aware of it, this isn’t my first time around the weight loss merry go round . I even got down for a good chunk of my twenties and enjoyed great health. When I refreshed my journey back to my healthy weight people who had been fit most or all of their lives tried to advise me on things my experience with my healthy self told me were incorrect. 
I learned a long time ago that what you eat and how you move are joint investors in how your physical portfolio looks to the world. These people started as just one person and because he looked fit they listened to him and not me. Now these same people have lost tremendous amounts of weight but don’t have the physiques they thought they would after yielding projected gains in weight loss. I hated to see my loved ones unhappy with some of their results but I was glad I hadn’t listened to them and followed that still small voice and training as a certified personal training from my healthy years. 
At first it frustrated  me that because I’m overweight now my knowledge and experience of over thirty years was discounted. Sometimes the excuses and voices you have to fight through come through well loved and well meaning friends. Their opinion and view of you, your knowledge base and what you’re capable of is not what qualifies you for what GOD tells you to do. GOD is the one who qualifies you. Be sure to get your final marching orders and check oyur destination with the purpose GOD laid out for your life. Your anointing will always be with you, it is the sum total of all the lessons life has squeezed out of you but GOD’s presence makes the best difference. The HOLY SPIRIT as your source and qualifier will do through you things even those who loved you never dreamed possible. 
No excuses. No limits. No regrets can stop you this season. Not those of your friends or your own.