Restoration from GOD to live out the principles I learned over a decade ago has been so amazing. No matter the obstacles that have come against what He told me to do and what will happen I have done as one of my big sister’s in  Christ admonished and pressed my way. Has it been easy? No. Have I realized because GOD died for me I’m worth taking care of and fighting for even when other people don’t know or are unable to see it.

The beauty of it is this, as I retrain myself to take care of myself it grows and strengthens my resolve to carry out my purpose in serving you. Crazy, right?! Not really. The bible says we are to love our neighbors AS we love ourselves. If you have people in your life who don’t love you right it means they haven’t figured out how to love themselves either.

Loving yourself is more than looking cute, going to the gym and presenting a particular image. It is that deep personal knowing that is illuminated when you begin and cultivate a full functioning relationship with GOD. Over the last few years there were times my appearance suffered greatly, I pushed others needs and wants in front of my own care but I still loved Shawneda and knew her worth.

Now I’m pulling all of the components together and enjoying bringing healthy Shawneda back and where this journey has taken me. There is something amazing in waking up every morning determined to love GOD, love Shawneda and my family without apology or compromise.

This doesn’t mean I do everything perfect it just means I don’t make excuses and have no room for IF, AND or BUT. When I make mistakes I own them. Dropped balls are picked up. My love for GOD has permeated and squeezed out the excuses, ifs, ands or buts from my vocabulary as I wait expectantly on HIM to fill me with new dimension Pentecost HOLY SPIRIT power.

Don’t think this is exclusive to me. It is not. You can get in on it right now. Stop waiting for a reason. You’re reason enough, Christ blood was shed on the cross for you, too. Expect a visitation of amazing Pentecost power on May 27th, He’ll do it for you!