This one will be short and sweet. 
God is not through with me. 
That alone is enough to get me excited. 
I’m excited because God loves me, 
in tangibles ways and kisses my life with His presence daily. 
I’m excited because God accepts my imperfect attempts to show my love for Him.
I’m excited because I’m going back to college!
I’m excited because you’re here reading this blog. (Excited, thankful, humble, grateful…)
I’m excited because although life is full of pain, my life is full with God. 
I’m excited that no matter what the future brings, good, bad and in between
 I’ve learned I can trust God in all of it. 
I’m excited because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
and the next few years He’ll strengthen me to do a lot.
I’m excited that this year solidified my foundation in who God says I am 
and I’ll never be the same. 
I’m excited because God said he’d never leave or forsake me, 
God said His grace is sufficient,
God said His love never fails
God said…and that settles it. 
If you just read over my confessions you’ll see all the amazing things 
in 2012 alone God has done for me. 
His word says He wants to do it for everyone, including YOU! 

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