Making the decision to accept the instruction to live for 50 days with no excuses and only expectations has made a great believer out of me in the truth of the scripture that says how a person thinks in their heart is how that person will be perceived or live. In addition to keeping me from being my own worst critic it has enabled me to be more positive and see the truth about life.

Some time ago, I’m not sure when it started or happened people introduced to Christ began to be sold a bill of goods that had little value. Pulpits across the world delivered messages that promised prosperity, happiness and good times aka “sweeter days with Jesus”. Then the rug was snatched from under many people and scandals erupted all over the place in the middle of high profile churches and clergy. Some walked away from their faith instead of drawing closer to GOD because they weren’t told the truth that was written into a script of one of my favorite classic African American sitcoms. “Sometimes in life you get what you want, sometimes you get what you need and sometimes you get what you get.”

It isn’t what you get that decides your future it is what you do with it. 

Having a relationship with Christ is not a go through life trouble free card. In some instances it is what triggers decisions, changes and developments that make living more challenging based on how you change as a person to line up with the word of GOD. Choosing to live without excuses, regrets and apologies freed me from the old habit of allowing bad moments to ruin good days. Life is going to have ups and downs how we look at the world will shape whether we fight to get up again after going down and the height of the highs.

I had an amazing time visiting with my mom. On the way back from TN a rock hit the windshield of our new car and now it needs to be replaced. The old Shawneda would have been so upset about the window she would have regretted the trip, but the new Shawneda decided to focus on the time she spent with her family and thankful it wouldn’t be a fortune to get the window fixed.