You have to stop being afraid of expecting things of yourself before you can do them. 
F.E.A.R. is the greatest thing that can stop you from exceeding your expectations. 
These last few weeks have shown me when I lean into GOD and trust what He sees in me more than the disappointment I’ve experienced in my past I am capable of being who He says I am. So thankful to have experienced these last forty five days and I am committed to not making excuses anymore. In addition to not making excuses, I’m also recommitted to living a life with no regrets. Continuing to exercise expecting GOD to be faithful to His word over me is what I believe will be one of the greatest things I’m taking away from this season. 
My heart and spirit are expecting an ENORMOUS  a fresh infilling of his Spirit on this coming Pentecost Sunday.  Then I’m kicking off the summer of sowing. Living my spiritual life based on biblical seasons this year has been awesome. I’ll keep doing it until GOD says otherwise. 
How has the last forty five days been for you?