This dude has clearly not been in foster care or eaten a lunch at a public school recently to believe that the STATE (any state) will do a more efficient job of caring for a child’s nutritional needs than a parent. This dude must be on something methish cause that has to be one of the most ridiculous resolutions I have ever heard.
Don’t make physical education a mandatory class again in public schools. Don’t regulate the processed food ingredients being paid for by lobbyists to be approved by the FDA. Don’t create a system that will tax immigrants who are skilled in farm labor to drive down the cost of fresh produce, drive the economy and make more healthy affordable food available. Don’t provide better nutritional training and resources for the parents in low income and poverty level neighborhoods. No, don’t do those things. Let’s take children away from their parents who in some cases at the worst are being enabled to eat unhealthy due to ignorance of how to prepare healthy food or in some cases have parents who simply can’t AFFORD to buy the food on the perimeter of the grocery store and pay their other bills.
Most states can’t afford to and are not caring properly for the millions of children in state custody now…why in the HAM SANDWICH (turkey ham of course, low sodium on wheat bread with no mayo, lettuce and no cheese) would we add more children to an already burdened and insufficient system that steals money from the children passing through it (I can say this because they did it to me in Wisconsin when I was a ward of the court)? We shouldn’t and until this genius has aged out of this sad government subsidy (aka foster care) attending to the needs of orphans where the Body of Christ dropped the ball, I suggest he sit down, nibble a carrot and SHUT UP! 

Now back to my regularly scheduled blog posts. Have a blessed weekend everyone. *sigh*