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Blog for authors sharing posts, reviews, tips, tricks and other helpful hints for fellow DIY Authors... especially about my love for building reader apps. 

Author Inspiration Courtesy of Dancing with the Stars

You may not have the same affinity for technology I do but I'm willing to wager we share a love for people who like to read... especially books written by you. Reading is an amazing opportunity to climb into the world of your characters and be part of your character's experience. Readers who fall in love with your book, writing style or a character want more of Bryce the dashing hero, fierce heroine Jessica with independence and sass, or Donatello a vampire with bite and style. 

The readers who care enough to sign up for our newsletters at the front or back of each story are telling us they want more. Some even reach out on social media or give feedback in the reviews and say "I WANT MORE!" Up until the embrace of print on demand and eReaders authors were excited to release two to three books a year.

Now the demand is a book a month. Some are meeting the demand and others are feeling forgotten. DWTS is a unique television show in how it airs its episodes. Unlike most shows the series doesn't air every season they swap with the Bachelor or Bachelorette franchise. Unlike other oddly scheduled shows with our changing times... the show has found a way to stay connected with watchers who aren't coming to see the mirror ball tours. You guessed it...

They have an app for that!

You can Customize your style. Wow the JUDGES! Meet your dance partner. Improve your dance moves with a very bejeweled like practice level. Be the celebrity. In the palm of your hands or at your fingertips. You are immersed in the world of your favorite dance show.


Wouldn't it be nice to have more time to develop your characters. Hone your craft and strategize your release between books? I thought so and have found the ability to stay connected with readers between books a priceless treasure. Building a mobile application is no longer reserved for the mathematically inclined hot nerd... Although if you called me that I'd totally push my glasses up, blush and say... thank you.

You don't have to know a bit of code to release a native app for iPhone & iPad users, Google Play or Amazon Fire. Building a mobile app for your readers gives you space to share story ideas.... do private book cover reveals and a special place to release things just for them from you. McDonalds, Chick-fil-A, and Dancing with the Stars hired app developers for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for one reason.... Connection.

They want to stay connected to their core customers. The same way most authors have tried to use email marketing and social media to stay connected to our readers. You can build your own app for a fraction of the fraction of the cost. You can use all of the lessons I learned doing it alone and have a community grow with you as you employ this under utilized resource to give readers and yourself what you want... (when you sign up for the course DIY AUTHOR APPS that inspired this website.)

Readers are able to dive into the world of the characters you create at any time... in fresh new ways between books. You're given a way to stay connected to readers using characters and worlds you create AND more time between each publication.

Want to change the way you connect with your readers and execute a way to stabilize your books sales that you own. There is an app for that! 

Shawneda Crout