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Why I Prefer BookFunnel over InstaFreebie

InstaFreebie has been touted as the new holy grail for authors looking to build their reader list. You sign up for the service and they even help "promote" authors by sharing the books listed with them for giveaways. Initial feedback from most authors is excitement for access to new readers to introduce to their books. 

After several weeks and months using the service I noticed a pattern. Some people were downloading and dumping the email service. A surefire way to have your email address tagged for spam. Which I've never experienced and don't want to experience. As a customer first professional, sending emails to readers only interested in receiving free books isn't a good business investment. 

Some readers were placed into the funnels of the authors who use them as part of their newsletter marketing and received feedback to the authors that they only wanted free books. I've offered two of my books free for years on all of the major reading platforms. Using InstaFreebie to build an email list isn't as effective as using BookFunnel. How do I know?

Several of the authors in different author groups I'm part of online reported sending welcome email with a link to download the book they signed up to receive on InstaFreebie on BookFunnel. An overwhelming 30 to 50% or more people from the InstaFreebie lists used the BookFunnel link. I tested this by sending emails to the names I'd collected from the group giveaways I joined and found a similar outcome. 

I joined BookFunnel last year after taking Facebook Ads for Authors with Mark Dawson who sang the praises of the company. Due to other commitments  I had to leave Mark's course and haven't really reengaged in efforts to connect with new readers until this year.

 The improvements to the BookFunnel service since last year have been astronomical, and the service was great when I signed up. They have better prices and are focused on servicing the authors not collecting and growing their own email list using the authors books. BookFunnel has not only Mailchimp integration, but also MailerLite and ConvertKit for authors using those newsletter services to reach readers. 

I'm sure there are authors who've enjoyed great success with InstaFreebie, I applaud them. Reassigning the cost of the InstaFreebie to advertising may be a more productive use of my funds. My litmus test for everything I invest is maximizing the opportunity to with readers in a way that helps us connect.  Building an email list full of readers uninterested in purchasing books OR overwhelmed by emails from hundreds or thousands of free books they'll never read will only benefit the mailing list company. 

Shawneda Crout