I’m so excited about everything that has happened on this trip. After taping an interview, for Black Nouveau which will air locally online and possibly stream online in the fall, I found out about a book event in Milwaukee, I’ll be looking into being a part of it in August. I hope to raise awareness and increase passion about stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS. It is a PREVENTABLE illness. Simple words. Get tested. With one or one hundred or one thousand partners everyone needs to be tested. If you believe there is any chance you could have it…be sure and get tested. I hope that it will be embraced and spread like wildfire throughout Milwaukee and Chicago area.

It's in My Blood

I also talked about Diamond Butterfly and will have the print copy available by the time of the event in August. For anyone who has a kindle or ereader now is able to get both books right now. I love technology!

Diamond Butterfly : Share Heal Sparkle Shine Fly