Over the next fifty days join me in deepening your relationship with God by asking Him to help you develop a better life. Expectation is a part of hope. Hope is required to have faith. Faith is necessary to please God. Don’t continue to make excuses change your perspective and expect GOD to meet you just like He met the believers on the day of Pentecost.

My time away from FB and other things I gave up for LENT had a profound impact on my life. Now I’m replacing the bad old habits with new good habits over the 50 days of Pentecost. Join me. Comment below to tell me one place in your life you’re expecting GOD to meet you and pour His Spirit on you to endow you with PENTECOST POWER!

I’m deepening my time in biblical study, disciplining myself even more in my exercise regimen and self care habits. More than looking good is knowing I’m worth the time it takes be the person God sees me as instead of settling for who others opinion and vision of me.