I’m sooo excited. Sent information to my graphic designer about Beyond My Status cover. Still praying about the cover for the Diamond Butterfly Angel series. I have several other books to complete this year in addition to the Diamond Butterfly Angel series but I’m still really excited about it. Bathing that series in prayer because although it has been in me for three years to write, I like to take my time in developing stories. With each book and series I study the craft and character development more and more. My prep time for a story takes longer than the actual writing.

All of my books come as titles to me first with the message and intended take away. These two things open the door for me to meet the characters and craft my “write track” it is like a soundtrack but different because it is the music I write a particular book to versus songs in the book like a movie. For copyright law issues I rarely mention any song in particular in the book unless I have permission from the artist. The songs in the write track carry the voice of a character or speak to the theme or message of the book. Two songs show up on every write track because well, they do. Unwritten by Natalie Beddinfield and Word of God speak by Mercy Me…these help get my mind right to focus on the work ahead.

I have my write track completed for my current WIP and for Diamond Butterfly Angels. I’m working on complementary series and looking forward to seeing what God does with them. One is in a genre I NEVER (wanna make God bend over laughing, tell Him what you won’t do) thought I’d write in and the other is the Diamond Butterfly Angel series. All very exciting to me, might I add…guess I just did.

What does this have to do with Step Equivalents? Well I have not gotten the recommended 10,000 steps in since becoming ill with a horrible chest cold and have found the lack of physical exertion I’d grown accustom to 3-4 days a week hindered me from flowing. I read about Step Equivalents on Sparkpeople.com and calculated how much I need to ride my bike to get the equivalent to the recommended 10K steps. So tomorrow I’m back on the virtual grind (recumbent bike) with one of my review ereaders to get my juices flowing again to write. I found out about Step Equivalents while researching the FitBit as my reward for making a milestone on my healthy lifestyle quest. I haven’t purchased the customary gadgets for this journey I normally purchase because to be honest my money goes toward investing in my literary industry stuff and soon getting my slumbering charitable foundation up and raring again. Pray for me. To whom much is given, much is required. 

I wonder how many of you have a music related flow to your work. Comment if you do.