sooo…as my daughter would say. I thought I’d switch it up today. 
Despite popular opinion I don’t believe being married 
makes you blind to the handiwork of the Lord. 
I wanted to spotlight some cuteness
 I’ve noticed in the world in these confessions. 
So earlier this year, my Spelman Sistah introduced 
me to a few cute creations of God. Here is one of them. 
This post I’ll share my athletic cutescovery of 2012.
George Wilson of the Buffalo Bills.
He should make some woman happy, 
one day with not only his looks but 
who he strives to present himself as in public. 
Not saying he isn’t that person in private…
I just don’t know him. 
I simply admire God’s handiwork. 
In a respectful, he is really beautiful kinda way. 
He is my cute athlete discovery of the year, 
not to be confused with my singer, 
actor or entrepreneur cutescovery of 2012. I’m married, not blind!
You know he cute. 

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