Being an indie author (I’m not getting into semantics about that title for those who prefer the term self published…take your tirades elsewhere, please. Thank you.) there is a constant call to action to connect with more and more people via social media, events and grocery shopping. Most articles and blog posts focus on the number seen by others instead of the people who are actually interested in what you offer to readers.

I have chosen the path God told me I’d walk, the one that appears more difficult to others. It would be easy to collect twitter followers and FB likes without giving thought to the other person clicking their mouse. That is not my style. Having a bunch of people who aren’t interested in what I write or the way I write would cheapen my books…not their .99 to 2.99 price tag.

It isn’t how much you are paid for your work that determines it’s value, it is the worth you ascribe to it. That may sound pie in the sky to some authors, fine, that is your opinion. For me, placing a high cost on my books and having no one read them devalues them more than the price. Not only in the changing publishing landscape but in every area of life I focus on quality vs quantity. Being able to determine the difference between the cost of something and it’s value will leave you able to give your best and leave the results to God.

 Jenessa looks at the impact of what her decisions have cost her and if what she lost was worth it in My True Essence. She, Dani, Vivian and Dominique also explore this as they deal with the impact of triple negative breast cancer on their lives in Embracing Myself Now which will be out before the end of 2011. Do you live your life based on how much things cost you or their value and worth?