WOW! It’s already, November. This month is the beginning of the end of this interesting yet challenging year. In it, I’ve done a lot of things I didn’t plan to do and still have to achieve a few things on my January to-do list. What I have found between the eighteen pound weight loss since I began participating in the Spark LIVE! classes in July and the car accident at the end of September is a place of contentment without complacency.

Instead of beating myself up for not being where I wanted to be on my weight loss journey, I’m simply glad that I have lost something. The progress and lifestyle changes I’ve made that have stayed with me increased my health. I’m thankful for that. New ankle friendly, weight appropriate challenging  workouts have been searched out and found. Water and raw foods have been added to my eating regimen. I’m thankful for progress and moving forward to return to a healthy weight and activity level.

My plans to have my last book of the year finished and released early didn’t happen. I’m still on schedule to release it on the original date. Having my publishing date altered forced me to look at my operations and choose to ignore or change them. I chose to change them. Now I have a great new way to do books. I’m thankful for my readership growth thus far and working to offer better books and connect with more readers in the future.

Rosalyn, the main character in It’s in My Blood and Beyond My Status, has to make some decisions about her life. She has to decide about how to move forward and live beyond her medical condition. Do you reflect on where you are in life this month? Are you thankful for your place in life while moving forward? Why or Why not?