It used to be said thirty minutes of activity three times a week would help with improve health. Now there are studies refuting that information,these new studies call for at least sixty minutes of aerobic activity no less than five days a week. For some this intimidating and to others exhilarating. I did some research of my own. I enjoy doing Leslie Sansone Walking DVDs and I’ve done the gym rat thing, didn’t stick for me.
Working out at home had been the way I’d changed my shape when I did it years before and the gym helped me maintain what I did but didn’t change or advance it. My diet is what helps me maintain a healthy numerical weight. So after studying myself and considering how much I hate showering at gyms, riding around sweaty and sticky considering how much work it takes to return to a healthy lifestyle WOAH (Working Out At Home) works for me. When this is all over I’ll be back to stopping when I look in the mirror and say whoa you are healthy again girl!