Hi, my name is Shawneda and I’m an EX-emotional eater. It hit me several years ago I had to find the root to the reason I’d lost 80 pounds in my early twenties then regained it when I married my ex-husband.  Lost forty before getting pregnant then gained it all plus forty more back. Seeing those close to me being a hypocrite was something that ran me from the church as a child and something I didn’t want to do. As the topics of my books (It’s in My Blood, Beyond My Status, My True Essence and not to mention the ones scheduled to come) continued to revolve around health and wellness issues and my weight creeped up higher and higher I’d see images of that word floating around my head. Then when I stepped on the scale and realized I was closer to 300 pounds than I ever desired to be I knew I had to excavate the root. So I went digging!

That is when I decided to give Sparkpeople a try again. I’d tried them out in 2007 but didn’t find the support I was looking for so I forked over the money for Weight Watchers hence the forty pound weight loss before my daughter was born. Once life settled after our financial restructuring weight watchers $480 a year was not and still isn’t an option (I could spend that money on healthy foods and exercise equipment). So I gave Sparkpeople another try. By this time I knew the root of the problem was my perverse relationship with food. So I dug down deep, fasted and prayed then came up with the an alphabetized list of scriptures and ways to put an end to the perverse habits with food I’d developed over more than twenty years ago. 
That brings us to today. Thanks to the amazing articles on Sparkpeople and the eye opening documentaries on NetFlix I found myself at some serious crossroads. In addition to rekindling my interest in beginning a garden I began journaling my food and strength training again. My WalkWriteStation was sparked (pun inteneded) by the article about walking and working I read on Sparkpeople. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead inspired me to save up to get a juicer and work my way up to my nine veggies a day. Food Inc. was the push over the edge to start my garden, even if it’s only for greens and strawberries I’m starting a portable standing garden on the side of the house next year. Ingredients encouraged me to make the trek to the Dekalb Farmers Market a priority instead of an option to buy organic freggies for comparable or less than what I pay for pesticide ridden veggies and fruits at the grocery store. 
Now I don’t see the dreaded H word floating around our my head anymore. I haven’t gained anymore weight but I have lost some inches and gained some endurance. I even studied up on natural oils and remedies to help my skin gain elasticity as I lose the weight. While I forecast to lose at a no more than two pounds a week pace if I exceed that when I’m consistent with my food journaling and exercise I don’t want to give myself any excuses to allow my vanity to slow me down so I’m preparing to fight against having saggy skin. 
If I prepare for victory it is more likely to happen. You know that old saying. Fail to plan, plan to fail. I decided to test the reverse. Prepare for victory and victory will be prepared when it meets you!  Comment if you’d like to join me. We can take this journey together. I’m bringing healthy back, yeah! Keep reading.