Life can be an amazing rollercoaster
Full of ups, downs, twists, turns, long drops
quick, fast and hard stops. 
We can find ourselves in an unbearable state.
Shell of the person we dreamed we’d be as a child. 
Shaken and stirred by the lulls and jolts of the ride.
Every life experience creates an opportunity.
Whether we bow before God for restoration
or bend under the pressure of life 
determines how our stories end.
August is an awesome opportunity to reflect over the year.
Reevaluate goals and deadlines. 
Determine what can, should and must be done. 
Research what can be done. 
Consider what should be done. 
Construct a plan for what must be done. 
Don’t assume it is too late to make progress.
Even if you don’t achieve all your goals 
you can achieve what is most important to you.
Planning, building, researching, and preparing can 
only motivate you to move forward toward your dreams. 
Don’t bend to the pressures of life and stop building 
trust God to enlighten, strengthen, mend, bind, heal and revive you
to continue on the path to fulfilling your purpose in life. 

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