GiG PowHer Press Ultimate Book Box



GIG PowHer Ultimate Book Box includes:

  • Wholeness series eBooks
  • Natural Sistahs eBooks
  • GIG PowHer series eBooks
  • eBooks in any new fiction series released
  • Commercial free podcast access
  • Exclusive GIG PowHer Studio book video library access
  • Audiobook library access
  • Auto-delivery of all new ebooks released during your annual subscription
  • An autographed handbound Ethiopian Coptic Stitch print book of each new fiction release during your 12 months your subscription

You’ll receive the ebook as soon as editing is complete, even if that means you receive it before the “official” release date.

Your autographed handbound Ethiopian Coptic Stitch print books ship to you automatically for free.

One way I say thank you for ordering your books directly from me.