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NanoWriMo Overdrive I Must Must Must Win Winning is a Must

Anisa's hairstylist did NOT take the news well, one of her girls gave her some love. The more she follows her heart to go natural the more she learns about herself, her peers and the world around her. It's not a coming of age story...she has to decide to come into her own!

I haven't arrived at the hair pulling stage and refuse to do so. Over the weekend many of my waking moments involved my butt pasted to a chair and my fingers flying across the keyboard. In addition to working on the story I've been completing the P.U.S.H. campaign details that will run from my tumblr account. 

Few weeks ago, I let you know why my website looked like a project in web design school. Excited to tell you the artist has completed the project and I'll be doing a new site diggs celebration in December. You'll want to sign up for the newsletter and or enter to win one of the giveaways so we finish the year strong together!

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