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Working on Craft Week: Wednesday More Characters with Nancy Kress


For many readers it is all about the characters, they sell the story which is why I'm devoting a good bit of time to studying how to make mine more relatable and as fleshed out as possible. To be honest my favorite part of the story is the plot aka storyline and message, which is why I'm spending extra time on getting better at making fleshed out characters. Good story lines need great characters to be engaging books.You can quote me on that one. So today I'm rereading

Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint [CHARACTERS EMOTION & VIEWPOINT]

by Nancy Kress.

Growth as a writer is inevitable.

I've read several other books and posts on character development since inhaling this book and have become more invested in developing the characters now that I have better tools to create full, "living and breathing" characters.

I hope you've found all the prep I've put into learning my craft in the stories of the Wholeness Series and in the new series to come.

Back to the writing loft this series won't write itself. Happy Wednesday.

Originally Posted Wednesday June 11, 2011

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