Been almost seven years since I began observing Lent as part of my personal relationship with God.

While personal, the opportunity to do something with the “Body of Believers” is important in unifying people who confess to love, serve or know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. 
This year Lent is from February 13-March 30 so today I’m talking about Ash Wednesday. 
The first observed day of Lent. 
In the traditional observation of Lent
Ash Wednesday symbolized the “fasting” and repentance for sin. 
The children of Israel donned Sackcloth and Ashes in the bible
for atonement and mourning. 
Christ has already served as atonement for all sin. 
Once confessed, we are all forgiven. 
Isaiah 61:3 God offers us Beauty for Our Ashes
 and the Oil of Joy for mourning.
The last few years have been up and down for me. 
Great personal and professional triumphs and failures. 
Lent is a great time to reconnect and develop a more intimate relationship with 
God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 
Sacrifice, giving, prayer and discipline are great virtues to reestablish, strengthen and practice. 
Look at the next 40 days as an opportunity to get closer to God as you think about 
how Christ’s death on the cross provided a way to connect to the Creator of all creation.
It is a great season for consecration, repentance and sacrifice. 
Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what will help you grow in a more intimate relationship with God 
this Lent. Then do it. 
For me this year, I’m taking Him at His word like never before 
Trusting Him because, He is all I really have. 
I believe He can do it. 
The way He has done it before…

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