Going from A to Z takes twenty four letters and going from morbidly obese, obese or overweight to healthy will take thoughtful consideration and time. I’m not saying this just for you, this is the truth I embrace and appreciate as part of the journey everyday. While it may seem that you blew up to a size that only you and God know it happened over time. That means that time will also be part of the reduction process.

As my weight and size has vacillated so has my body image. At one point when I was quite slim I still believed I needed to lose another forty pounds because of the stupid snide remarks of those around me I THOUGHT I was too big. It was a nagging fear the weight would all come back so I deprived myself of any treats and adhered to a strict almost freakish diet. In addition to this I was terrible and obnoxious to those around me who ate anything remotely fattening. I was so extreme for the most part I cut out all bread…that is not a good thing.

Now I eat as clean as possible and allow myself treats. I’m changing my eating habits slowly instead of going from one extreme to another. This maintains balance in my life. I know I’m approaching a day when I’ll eat all of the recommended daily fruit and vegetable intake but I don’t stress if I’m running errands and have to get a grilled chicken sandwich from a fast food joint.

I workout and I remain thoughtful of the healthy, muscle toned woman living inside of me. When I visualize myself she is who I see, not because I am in denial of where I am but because I know she is where I’m headed, and the true representation of who God wants and has shown me how to become physically.

Get a picture in your mind of who you are working and changing your life to become. Remain thoughtful of that image and that is who you shall be. So a person thinks in their heart, they are and are perceived.(That’s from the bible)