You must be sure to change the way you think when you begin or restart a weight loss journey. Instead of thinking toxic or poisonous thoughts its best to think healthy. Remember how great you look in a pair of well fitted jeans. Focus on how great you feel at the end of the exercise. The satisfaction of accomplishment and knowing you started what you finished. The beautiful feeling you receive when you come to know that you stuck to your commitment to live a healthier life.

Think healthy about pressing play. Think healthy about the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that comes sometimes after your rest day or weekend. Yes you may be sore, or uncomfortable for a few days but that pain signifies the way your body is changing.

Think healthy about the cost of eating healthy. You can pay a few more dollars now or hundreds or thousands more in possible medical bills and prescriptions later. Not to mention the cost of medication side effects. Think healthy about life!