I have been pretty happy with my silhouette for the majority of my life. Even at my heaviest before having my daughter I was happy with the way my waist was shaped. Unfortunately post baby after my emotional eating bout I ballooned and expanded the stretched stomach muscles from my precious darling  that had not been exercised since before the pregnancy. WellI found this not only unattractive, I know it is very unhealthy. The larger your waist circumference the greater your risk for heart disease.

Since starting Body Gospel I have widdled away five inches from my waist. The combination of the tempo, interval intensity and the Body Gospel resistance bands has resulted in waist reduction. I love the way I feel after I workout and the fact I can see my feet again. And now my breast stick out farther than my belly, again. On the health front I’m excited because I have helped reduce the chance of further heart disease issues. As one of the millions of Americans without insurance prevention has to be worth more than a pound of cure.

Losing five inches off of my waist in less than a month is huge. My walk DVDs helped keep me from being tired but i didn’t really start to see a lot of results in my body changing until I started Body Gospel. God bless Donna Richardson!