Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result in some circles is stated as the definition of insanity. I believe it is the result of years of watching others do the same thing and  I call it fantastical thinking. What I like to focus on is the root perspective of the statement. You can’t expect the same thing to continue to happen if you do something different. If you change your eating habits and start moving more after being sedentary you’ll find yourself losing weight and the shape of your body changing.

Before I popped in any DVD or began working out I changed my mind. I resolved to workout according to the schedule of the workout calendar and eat as healthy as I can within our financial means. I would love to eat better than I do now but I’m glad I eat better than I did before. I took Romans 12:1-2 to heart and transform my body as a living sacrifice and dwelling place for God’s spirit. You want to lose weight and find the discipline to start a new workout regimen and stick to it. GET.YOUR. MIND. RIGHT!