Almost half of the schools in Atlanta Public Schools revealed to be involved in the CRCT cheating scandal. People want Dr. Beverly Hall’s head on a platter. Every five comments someone mentions directly or indirectly that this could have a negative impact on the kids. I shake my head and sarcastically snarl~ yeah remember them?

It’s ridiculous to me the people pointing fingers, calling for heads to roll,doing a modern day media witch hunt as if they are without flaw and have never done anything wrong in their life. If you’re reading this and thinking you haven’t, you just did, cause lying even to yourself is wrong. I’m big on dealing with the root cause of problems. I won’t take the obvious public schools haven’t been the same since they forbade administration led prayer because…that would be cliche.

The truth is that people who were scared of losing their jobs and not being able to find another one became part of a concerted effort to lie about the progress their students were making. No one tested these genius children whose testing scores increased over 45% in less than five years with no additional specialized tutoring, increased parental involvement or adjustment to curriculum? I’m appalled it took the media (AJC cracked the story) to notice the discrepancy.

Maybe the problem is the older supposed to be wiser generation has become so celebrity, bling bling, get ahead, be “successful in material things” driven children are suffering. If anyone wants to have heads roll, and a witch hunt it should be the parents of the children who didn’t question how their children’s ability to read didn’t improve but their test scores did. We should be reconsidering the No Child Left Behind Crap that left so many left behind we have schools in Gwinnett county bucking state mandated county open enrollment to keep certain elements out resembling pre-Brown v Board of Education era strategies and attitudes to keep their schools a certain demographic.

I’m not saying I don’t understand a parent’s desire to have quality education for their children, I’m simply saying I’ll be glad when parents do more than have desire and participate in the process. Education by the school system is not a right it is a privilege. I would say parental involvement should be mandatory but some self centered conservative will say that the government shouldn’t mandate how people live.

I would love to hear those conservatives say the same thing when they have had a crime committed against them and want the police to exact justice or a fire and want water to put it out controlled by trained experts. I’m not saying I condone what happened in Atlanta Public Schools I’m simply saying people may want to think before posting nasty racist yahoo comments and calling for heads to roll. As a penny pincher who would rather put my dollar in a piggy bank than gamble I’d be willing to bet more people than not have done something similar in principle even if it wasn’t illegal or connected to kids.

Instead of crying out about taking away people’s certifications and exacting revenge  we actually could look at the root of the problem and resolve that. We shouldn’t be overcrowding classes, expecting teachers to perform miracles with children whose parents don’t take the time to care or teaching to past tests… Okay, going somewhere to pray and turn off the T.V. now. I’ve had enough national issues to blog about for a while. Gonna stick my head in some books until next week. I read a lot of those despite being primarily educated in the public school system. I don’t think they were teaching me to past tests back then, I think they were teaching me so I would learn. Amazing, concept!