Jezebel, The Frisky and Huffington Post (and now me) have written articles about the victim blaming wording of an article in the NYT about the rape of an 11 year old girl of latin descent in Cleveland, TX. I’m so upset I can barely type wondering why the outrage is about the article wording and not the evil and heinous rape (which is caught on video so why in the he–heck are we saying “alleged”) of an 11 year old girl. ARE YOU SERIOUS? No, I mean really, this is what you’re concerned about. You don’t like the way that the article was written. Okay so the journalist is a bonehead, or an insensitive jerk…how is that more important than the proven by video fact that this young lady was raped?

We should be doing something to stop this. Who is going to help her find her self esteem. Who is going to help rebuild her self worth? I don’t care what she wrote about on Facebook, how short her skirt was or how much makeup caused her true age to be hid. SHE WAS GANG RAPED, why can’t we focus on trying to help her find her way to healing from this?

My heart is breaking for this little girl. I remember how I felt being assaulted by one person at nine years old. I can’t even begin to imagine the gamut of emotions she went through (and is presently subject to) when these men called friends over to take their turns and kept doing it. I especially need to point out that by the time the last person finished she had to be a bloody mess. Not for one second do I believe that each and every one of or any of these rapists donned a condom. They were too busy taping it on their cell phones. What if one of the men who raped her was infected with a sexually transmitted disease? We have a society where 18 boys and men raped someone and we’re outraged because of the way the article was written.

I want to know who is outraged for the murder of this little girl’s innocence, self esteem and ability to function as an unviolated being. I will pray until God tells me to stop that she find a relationship with Christ and He provide the healing to her heart, mind, body and soul only He can provide so that the repercussions and aftermath of the rape don’t stop consume her. A child’s life and option to be a child ended and all we can write about is how the wording in an article needs to be changed. God help us.

Update 4:27 Here is a post by apparently only 18 have been arrested more were present…God help us please!