When God gave me ABC’s to End Emotional Eating in 2005 I knew I was onto something. Once I accepted I had an emotional eating problem. My little sister in Christ told me …sis you should make this a book. I didn’t shoot her down I told her I would in God’s time. The only problem was I hadn’t lived it yet so I couldn’t write it.

As my life began what I believed was it’s unraveling in 2008 I ignored the gentle nudging to look at and deal spiritually with why I was constantly gaining and losing weight. It wasn’t until I had done everything I knew to do including counting points, kicking carbs, licking carbs, all veggies, no meat, and everything in between I accepted this problem was about more than the foods I eat. I pulled out the index cards and opened the word document of scriptures and exercises and cried.

While on a corporate fast I asked God one simple question. Show me the root of this thing. I don’t want it to come up again. Now more than three months later I can say I haven’t binged and I’m losing weight faster than I ever have before in my life, in a healthy way. And it all started with my ABC’s.

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