Being human isn’t something we have to choose. 
Being human is something we have to accept. 
Being human is something we have to embrace. 
Loving isn’t something we choose. 
Love is something we choose to give and accept. 
Treating people according to their God given worth is something to embrace. 
Before I embraced being human I struggled with the desire to achieve perfection. 
Once I allowed myself to be myself it freed me to change the way I related to other people. 
A few years ago this next pic described how I felt about others.
Then I realized it sounded a little…angry. 
I’m not saying everyone else who likes this quote is angry it just resonated 
from a place racked with pain from rejection and abandonment for me.
Not a good look.
So I asked God to heal me there and moved on to this place.
Seemed to be a little better but still a layer of frustration and lack of confidence. 
Who decides what is good enough?
Who has time to be that for everyone?
Sounds exhausting. 
So I prayed and asked God to keep working on me because I still felt
too far from him in how I related to His other children. 
It was when I saw this one that I realized the problem.
 All of these sayings are based on my opinion of what other’s deserved. 
How inappropriate!
God dealt with me all year about how I respond to people who don’t treat me nice. 
Some Christians live in environments
where everyone is nice but I don’t and I knew God
wanted me to respond in a different way. So I did. 
After a while I learned to…
God gave me a lesson on the difference between what people
and what HE decided we are 
It took a large portion of the year for me to
 understand the importance of what that meant. 
I rely on God to show me how to treat people based 
on what He said they were worth when Jesus died on the cross,
 not what I think they deserve based on their actions. 
I believe it is the least I can do.
Truth is, I didn’t deserve it when God decided
 I was worth the shedding of Christ’s blood, to be free. 
In 2012 a huge lesson I learned was how to ask God 
to help me treat people based on His value of their life, 
not how they treat me. 
This doesn’t mean I let people walk all over me. 
That is not what “esteeming others as high as yourself” 
means when you exegete that scripture. 
It means something different for each person 
based on how the Holy Spirit leads in each situation. 
A relationship with the Holy Spirit is like
 Soul Glow activator and Smooth Grooves .
You’ve got to get your own. 

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