I started this because during one of the hardest times of my life my response to my circumstances was not the cliche expected “church response.” My words were not hollow praise and false faith, I questioned the status quo because I followed the formula…it didn’t work.  I was simply confused about why the life I lived didn’t match what I’d heard from spiritual “leaders” across the book board. I tithed (I say that first because they talked about money the most), prayed, fasted, and served. What I have gained as a result is the realization that all thirty nine of these things and our lives as a whole creates true spiritual worship. It’s more than a beautiful dance or God centered slow song. Worship is a lifestyle…and praise is what we share with others in how we live the lives we have instead of simply pursuing the one we want (or believe He promised.)

This season has afforded me the ability to appreciate the truth in God’s word and adjust how much weight I place on men’s words over God’s gentle voice speaking truth in my heart.